Saint Paul Kitchen Remodel – Rooted in Excellent Taste

Client Overview

Kevin and Donna own a lovely 1946 bungalow in the Como Park area of St. Paul. They love the historic features of their home but wanted a more functional kitchen with an updated look. They also wanted to move away from dark wood and brighten up the space with white cabinetry and new lighting.


Beyond the challenge of eating take out and washing dishes in the bathtub for several weeks, there was asbestos under the linoleum kitchen floor that had to be removed. Minnehaha Remodeling Contractor and Carpenter Don Stacy got a hazmat team in right away to do the job. Don also discovered the countertops and cabinets weren’t level, so he took care of that too, while preserving the structure of the cabinetry.


Collaborating on the best option for the back of the dining room facing cabinets, Kevin and Don settled on beadboard, with a high shelf for displaying favorite pieces of pottery. This replaced the old paneling that Kevin had previously removed. Don also installed a hard wood floor in the dining room, with a beautiful finish.

The kitchen cabinets were refaced and refinished, quartz countertops were put in place, extending into the dining room to create a space for seating. A new back splash tile was installed, and new floor tile was laid. Donna and Kevin selected an under-counter sink and stainless-steel appliances to complete their fresh new look. After 20 years of cooking on an electric cooktop, Don’s crew ran a gas line for a new gas stove.


“I love my new kitchen,” said Donna. “It’s like a new toy!” Donna and Kevin also love the functionality of the space and the natural light that reflects creatively within their new design. They called out Don’s willingness to implement Kevin’s plan, his flexibility, work ethic, and attention to detail. They agreeably said, “He saw our vision and was able to make it happen.”