Minneapolis Bathroom Remodel – A Lower Level Spa Retreat

Client Overview

The basement bathroom in the Stacy home in the Hiawatha neighborhood of Minneapolis desperately needed a makeover. The space was unappealing and didn’t meet the family’s needs. It was time for a transformation to a functional, elegant space that was warm, relaxing, and would add value to the home for another 100 years.


The 1914 house presented structural and mechanical challenges. The plumbing was old, there was no vent fan, and the walls needing straightening. With walls made of concrete, it would be challenging to find the right hardware for attachments. The homeowners also wanted to make sure the space would be safe, watertight and free from mold now and in the future. And, they wanted to add a sauna, requiring additional expertise and craftsmanship.


Minnehaha Remodeling was called in because they have a team of specialists in wood, ceramic, stone, and tile. These materials were chosen because they are durable and comfortable, while creating an elegant look and feel throughout the space.

A cave-like escape effect was created with carved stone, and the cedar woodwork for the sauna is beautiful. Several hardware manufacturers were consulted to find the perfect hardware solutions, including special hardware to hang a stone slab as the base for the sink bowl. And, mirrors were custom ordered from a mirror factory. Mr. Stacy says, “The craftsmanship and attention to detail is incredible. The tile and stonework are interesting and beautiful. The custom-made wooden doors welcome us in and out of the space, and the custom sauna door and shiplap wood interior is a work of art.”


The Stacy family is embracing their heritage by relaxing in the sauna, and they’re enjoying their warm, comfortable, and beautiful lower level get away!