How to Hire a Remodeling Contractor

If you’re embarking on a home renovation or remodeling project, you’re probably starting to Google contractors near me or contractors Minneapolis in search of a local company to do the job.

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor, a bathroom remodeling contractor, or someone to build you a garage or accessory dwelling unit, it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure that you make a good choice.

Sadly, there are shady contractors out there, and we want to help you avoid them by offering these 10 tips for hiring a remodeling contractor:

  1. Make sure the contractor is licensed – ask them to show their license number.
    A license from the State of Minnesota ensures the company has met the necessary requirements that includes passing an exam and having liability and property damage insurance.
  2. Make sure the subcontractors used by the company are licensed.
  3. Ask for their local phone number.
    If a contractor only has an 800 number or an out of state number. This is a red flag.
  4. Read their reviews.
    Good contractors have happy clients!
  5. Check references.
    Happy clients will be happy to talk with you about how much they like their contractor.
  6. Talk through your vision and ask the contractor to interpret what you said.
    Ask them to make recommendations, based on their knowledge and experience.
  7. Don’t hire a contractor who refuses to provide a written estimate or contract. 
    This is a red flag!
  8. Ask for a summary of work to be completed.
    If you do this, you will know the contractor understands what you’re asking for.
    Don’t sign an estimate or authorization before you have decided to hire them. You may unknowingly be signing a contract.
  9. Avoid contractors who are willing to do the job at a low price.
    Professional contractors are realistic about the time it takes, and the cost of the materials needed to do your job right. A low price means the contractor will skip necessary steps and add unexpected costs as they go along.
  10. Ask for a payment schedule.
    You don’t want to be surprised by unexpected bills.

Follow these recommendations to help you choose the best contractor in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding suburbs. Our construction foreman and remodeling project manager Don Stacy is a licensed contractor and carpenter with the skill of a craftsman. He is sure to bring high-quality construction and woodworking into your home, inside and out.