Build a Porch for Shady Rest

Porches are famous for rest, relaxation, and conversation. From the iconic porches of the south to the neighborhood and lake facing porches in the north, they are a place for family and friends to take a break in a shady place.

How many of your favorite movies and television shows included scenes on a porch? We knew it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood when Mr. Rogers was sitting on his porch swing.

There’s just something about a porch, and we would love for you to find out what it is. Seasoned in outdoor remodeling, Minnehaha Remodeling makes home renovation in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and the surrounding suburbs easy. We have ideas for porches, and we know about lighting for porches that not only spotlights good times, but also shines a light on security.

Front porch

You can extend your outdoor living area and add a focal point to your property with a front porch, while adding character, class, and value to your home. Our team of architects and designers can help you create your perfect entrance. We love building house porches, and you’ll love furnishing it!

Wrap around Porch

A porch that surrounds your home becomes multifunctional. It can take entertaining beyond a cocktail or glass of lemonade to seating space for a dinner party, and provide a safe play space for young children.

Screened Porch

Screened porches in the Twin Cities make sense, providing a barrier from mosquitos and flies, and a way to cool down with a summer breeze. Read, rest, and entertain friends on a lovely day, and keep the party going as the light of the moon shines in.

Four-Season Porch

Minnehaha Remodeling is a seasoned Minneapolis remodeler that knows the value of an additional year-round living space that lets the sunshine in on a cold winter day. A four-season porch can open your home to the sounds of the spring rain with a bird’s eye view of feathered friends returning to the Twin Cities. When the weather turns warm, you can open the windows for a cross breeze, and in the fall, you can see the colors more clearly.

Would you enjoy having a porch? Our architect can create a custom rendering for you with a choice of styles and materials that will make your new porch a centerpiece for your home design. When it comes to outdoor renovation in Minneapolis and around the Twin Cities, Minnehaha Remodeling can build a porch that will bring you joy!