An Accessory Dwelling Unit is a Detached Living Space on Your Own Property

Accessory dwelling units allow you to have a “second suite” or a permanent secondary
residence on your city lot. Accessory dwelling units (ADU’s), also called detached accessory
dwelling units are defined as permanent secondary residences that include a dedicated kitchen
and bathroom.

There are as many styles, sizes, and designs of ADU’s as there are houses. Some refer to ADU’s
as a granny flat, in-law apartment, mother-in-law suite, carriage house, or above-garage-
apartment. An ADU can provide a home for aging parents or an adult child, or private space for
overnight guests.

The Star Tribune recently shared the story of a women who is happily living in a 796-square-
foot ADU home atop her daughter’s garage in the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood of St. Paul.
That is a perfect example of an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU. Having a separate living space
next to your main residence eliminates travel time to an aging parent’s home, and the worry of
not being able to respond quickly when you’re needed. For some, it’s an investment, rather
than paying rent for an assisted living residence. It brings grandparents closer to grandparents,
and for many, it improves quality of life. It’s a gift to your parent and yourself.

ADU’s are legal in Minnesota and are now being built in the Twin Cities and across the country.
Minneapolis, St. Paul, Richfield, St. Louis Park, Stillwater, Eagan, Fridley, Roseville, Bloomington,
Crystal, Minnetonka, and Northfield now allow ADU’s to be built on residential lots.

An accessory dwelling unit can be customized to fit your lifestyle, and Minnehaha Remodeling
can build it for you. Our building and remodeling projects focus on sustainable living and
accessibility. We are led by green building principles, helping clients make wise investments
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An accessory dwelling unit will increase the property value of your home and provide a home
away from home in your own backyard!